When you set this, it will send a reminder when product back in stock.

This will set a reminder for price change, when price decreased, it will send a reminder. 

There is a detailed bell icon and message description. Cool tooltip for your customers.

This is a live preview of how our plugin works.

You can specify where Remind me will work on WooCommerce hooks.

There is an exclude category option. You can add one category to exclude from our plugin.

This is where you can customize how your messages looks like.

You can send a test email to see how it looks.

Advanced email editor. This is where you can customize your emails.

Smart tags contain specific informations for your customers’ reminders.

You can resend all your reminders.

This is where you see reminders’ status.

Detailed information about created reminders.

WooCommerce Remind Me


Places a great-looking animated bell icon

All you need to do is click the icon, you can type in your email address, and click the send button.

WooCommerce Remind Me Feature Admin Panel
WooCommerce Remind Me Feature Messages
WooCommerce Remind Me Feature Email
WooCommerce Remind Me Feature List

Sends special reminders to your customers.

Places a great-looking animated bell icon on the product pages. Your customers can type in email addresses and add a reminder. Automatically sends an e-mail when the product arrives or price is down. The bell view, the contents of the email and mores you can personalize everything for your site. You can see the list of emails, you can get information about their status.


With CSS support and icon settings, matches exactly with your theme.


Send custom reminders to your customers.

Automatically emails

Automatically emails when the product is in stock or when the price is down.

Product Variations

Works with WooCommerce variable products.


Detects different stock levels for variables of the product.


Detects different prices for variables of the product.


Automatically emails when the store is open ( * with WooCommerce Store Closing Plugin )

Only changed

Sends reminders only for the changed variables of the product.

Product Reminder

It allows your customers to record a reminder for the desired product.

Animated Bell

Places an animated bell symbol on the product pages.

Direct Link

Adds a direct link to the product on the email.


Customize the reminder with the email editor.


With CSS support and icon settings, matches exactly with your theme.


It gives information about reminder results.


It can be resent from the e-mail list.

Email List

It records and lists your e-mail list.

WooCommerce Remind Me Process


  • New: Added BCC (Blind carbon copy) to email-sending format
  • Update: The WSC (WooCommerce Store Closing) plugin has been disconnected
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.4x
  • Compatibility: WooCommerce 8.3x
  • Compatibility : WooCommerce 6.9x
  • Fix : Deprecated function/variable
  • Compatibility : WooCommerce 6.5x
  • Compatibility : WordPress 5.9x
  • New : Show in the selected category.
    • Settings Tab -> Show in Category
  • Compatibility : WordPress 5.8x
  • Compatibility : WooCommerce 6.0x
  • New : Remind Me of stock or price to different stock levels for variable products.
  • Fix: JSON.parse issue
  • Update : Converted “Send” element to span from the button
  • New : Improved performance
  • Compatibility : WordPress 5.5x
  • Compatibility : WooCommerce 4.7x
  • New : Resend RemindMe
    • List Tab -> Click Resend buttons
  • New : Email List Tab
  • Fix : Decimal price issue
  • New : RemindMe: Price or Stock changes for Variable of Product
  • New : You can choose where to show “RemindMe”
    • Settings Tab -> Show in Area
  • New : Settings Tab
  • New : Improved performance
  • Compatibility : WordPress 5.4x
  • Compatibility : WooCommerce 4.2x
  • Compatibility : WordPress 5.3x
  • Compatibility : WooCommerce 4.0x
  • Compatibility : WordPress 5.2x
  • Compatibility : WooCommerce 3.7x
  • Fix : Default settings issue
    • At the first installation, the email field was empty.
  • New : Improved performance
  • New : Tested up to :
    • WordPress 5.0.x
    • WooCommerce 3.5.x
  • New : OnBackOrder : Stock status control (WC3x)
  • Fix : Product attribute issue (WC3x)
  • Fix : Blank Admin Panel
  • New : RemindMe : When Store is Open
  • New : WooCommerce Store Closing Relation
  • Fix – Checkbox issue
  • Initial Release