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Multi Lingo

WP Multi Lingo clones pages/posts translate the menus and generate shortcodes for special translated texts.

Please select a language from the list for the page translation or click one of the flags.

Multi Lingo Plugin Features Settings
Multi Lingo Plugin Features Menus
Multi Lingo Plugin Features Text
Multi Lingo Plugin Features XML
Multi Lingo Plugin Features CSS
Multi Lingo Plugin Features Languages

Easily generate multilingual website

Wp Multi Lingo is an advanced translation plugin for WordPress. It translates your website frontend. It allows your visitors to navigate your website in their own language.

It clones pages/posts, translations the menus, generate shortcodes for special translate texts, can read translate text from xml. Shows you selected languages in the selectbox. Shows pages, posts, menus and texts for selected language.

You can add an unlimited number of translations. It is very easy to install and use. Can translate pages, posts, menus and texts. You can create short code specific for translations. You don’t need to install new WordPress for each language. It is easy, fast and Seo friendly.


Unlimited Language

Supports unlimited language



Easy to install and use


SEO friendly


Page / Post clones


Translate menus

Hide Menu

Hides the menu item according to language


Supports XML translation


Allow text translation


Creates short code for translated text

ShortCode for XML

Creates shortcode for XML translations


Shows language flags

Different Flags

Sets different flags for languages


Works with full CSS support

WP Themes

Works with all WP themes


Clean and simple design

Multi Lingo Plugin Description


  • Fix: A null check has also been added to the shortcode parameters empty check.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.5x
  • Fix: The cookie write error that occurred on some systems has been fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed the randomly occurring class not loaded error during the first installation.
  • Fix: Fixed a rare error where the site’s native language was not detected on some systems.
  • Compatibility: WordPress 6.4x
  • Compatibility : WordPress 6.0x
  • New : WooCommerce product support
  • Compatibility : WordPress 5.9x
  • Fix : Redirect issue under the cache process
  • Fix : Meta key issue for previously cloned pages
  • Fix : Redirect issue when cloning Page or Post
  • Fix: using different wp prefix
    • Added control on code
  • Compatibility: WordPress 5.4x
  • Fix: Deleted translated page issue
    • Added control for deleted translated page on admin panel
  • New : Admin bar quick link
    • Adds quick translate menu on the admin bar
  • Fix : Counting issue for text shortcode id
  • Update : Improved performance
  • Fix : Improved admin.css for WordPress 5.3x
  • Compatibility : WordPress 5.3x
  • Initial Release